After You’ve Broken the Cycle of Binge Eating

Our relationship with food is profoundly mirrored in our relationship with ourselves.

Restoring yourself after years or decades of binge eating and purging, can be no less of a restoration to your relationship with yourself – body and emotions; and especially with that part of you that was the main instigator in beating yourself up.

Besides the primary physical core steps in breaking free ie realising you’re not broken; that binge eating is a habit not an illness; and that diets and restricting don’t work and for us are a causative factor behind binge eating . . .  There are equally emotional core steps, from which can come an emotional awakening, an emotional surrendering; where intolerable emotions such as shame and guilt find a doorway through, from where they’ve been buried . . . Attracted to the warmth of the kindness you’re now showing yourself, the pleasures you’re immersing yourself in, and the compassion towards your imperfections.

You can do this. – You can untie yourself from bingeing and purging.  Your worth is unfathomable and infinite.  Locking yourself into diet and weight is a tightly coiled no-end street of which you are worth so much more.