About Us

Hello and Welcome to 50 Steps to Freedom!

This site was created in connection with all tribes of food freedom fighters. – Warriors who have struggled with issues around food and body image, especially but not exclusively bingeing, purging, emotional eating, extremes of restrictive eating, and yo-yo dieting.  It’s for the warriors who have been to hell and back with food and body . . . where life became consumed, and relationships and career sometimes severely negatively affected.

This site is for those who have taken or are considering taking their first step to freedom, out of bingeing.  And then once freed, unchaining and reclaiming themselves to live their fullest life ever.

Once freed from bingeing, the next steps are to fully connect back to your life’s passions, gifts, purpose, and  highest self, to dream you dreams and bring them alive. To walk in partnership with your Life, master your mind, surrender to your highest good, and have faith that life is going to get better and better now.

This is a journey . . . back to freedom . . . in every aspect of yourself.

Please don’t hestitate to connect in, and email me at mandy@50stepstofreedom.com.