Discovering Your Spiritual Mission: Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers

“Is this it? You know, coming home from work, making dinner, and watching some TV? Shouldn’t there be something more?”   A friend of mine recently turned to me for advice, and I could not help but wonder if her questions were a little too personal for me to attempt to answer. It is not […]

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Raise Your Vibration, Change Your Life

Do you ever have those days when everything just seems to go inexplicably, horribly wrong? When everything you touch seems to fall apart, for no apparent reason? Sometimes those days can turn into weeks, and weeks into months, making the thought of getting out of bed in the morning exhausting.   But then there are […]

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Getting to Know Yourself Through Numerology: The First Steps

Have you ever wanted to know more about yourself, your abilities and potential, and how to navigate through your personal challenges, in order to achieve freedom and succeed? The answers you seek may well be found in numerology, the ancient study of numbers, and the divine, mystical relationships between them. The science of numerology, with […]

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