Discovering Your Spiritual Mission: Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers

“Is this it? You know, coming home from work, making dinner, and watching some TV? Shouldn’t there be something more?”


A friend of mine recently turned to me for advice, and I could not help but wonder if her questions were a little too personal for me to attempt to answer. It is not at all unusual to wonder about one’s purpose in life, and to yearn for something more. But here’s the thing: learning about one’s spiritual mission is a deeply personal, introspective journey, and I can only aim to provide the tools to do that, not the answers themselves.


For some of us, coming home to a comfortable place and greeting our loved ones is the ultimate definition of joy. It gives us purpose, and it brings us peace. But if you are left wondering if there is more that you could be experiencing, there probably is. This is where the ancient science of numerology comes in.


Numerology teaches us that numbers have unique vibrational frequencies associated with them. In turn, the numbers which are a part of your life can tell a story about who you are and who you could become. People often look to their Life Path number to provide insight into their spiritual mission, but they tend to forget about the Destiny number, which is a key component to understanding and utilizing the potential of the Life Path number.


Your Life Path number shows the building blocks of your character, encompassing the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that you are born with, as well as the spiritual mission your soul is meant to fulfill. Your Destiny number (sometimes called the Expression number) describes the journey you will take, and the goals you will strive for, to embody your Life Path and fulfill your purpose.


At a first glance, these two numbers may seem fairly similar. However, even though both are descriptors of your spiritual mission, they are hardly interchangeable. Your Destiny number is the most important complement to your Life Path number. Your Life Path number is the “why” of your numbers – your underlying purpose, while your Destiny number is the “how” number that shows you how you are going to go about fulfilling that mission, and how you can make the most of the challenges that your Life Path number will present you with.


Without understanding their Life Path, a person can apply the tools encoded in their Destiny number in the wrong areas, and wonder why they feel spiritually unfulfilled. Without the knowledge of their Destiny number, they can stumble around in their chosen realm without having the tools they need to really grow and flourish in it. Making the two numbers work together is the key to finding spiritual fulfillment.


The differences between the two numbers can be traced back to how they are calculated. Your Life Path number tells you about the potential you have within you, but your Destiny number gives you more insight about actually realizing that potential. Because your Life Path number is calculated by adding up the numbers in your birth date, it can never change, and the strengths and weakness that you are born will likely follow you through your life. Your Destiny, however, the path you take to fulfill your spiritual mission, is derived from the letters of your name, making it slightly more mutable, especially as you grow and embody different personas during the course of your life.


Can changing your name really change your Destiny number? The jury’s still out on that, but here’s something to consider: when you change your name, you are probably making a major life change, and leaving a part of yourself behind. Whether you are taking your significant other’s last name, or changing your given name to feel more aligned with who you are, you are entering a new phase in your life, one that, at least in some aspects, will be fundamentally different than the previous one. And, even though you may wish to keep parts of your old self and keep your initial Destiny in mind, your new self might just need a new Destiny number, and new path to spiritual growth.


Sometimes there is seemingly irreconcilable clash between your Life Path number and your Destiny numbers. Let’s say your Life Path number is a 7. You are a truth-seeker, focused on knowledge and learning everything you can about the world. Yet your Destiny number is 8, the number focused on the material world and financial stability. In order to find peace and fulfilment you will have to find a way to reconcile the opposing forces of your numbers, and find synergy between them.


Figuring out the relationship between your Life Path and Destiny numbers is a great place to start. Then, let these Numbers act as a guiding light through your journey, as you delve deeper into numerology and discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible.